Kate Middleton's recent visit to Leeds was a delightful sight as she exuded high energy levels throughout.

Her tour of Kirkgate Market alongside Prince William was sweet and endearing, especially the exchange they had with a shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper humorously commented that William was unlikely to buy flowers for Kate on Valentine's Day.

Before launching her early childhood awareness campaign, Shaping Us, Kate lightened the mood with a witty joke.

Kate took a moment during her visit to appreciate the beautiful flower display at a local florist in preparation for Valentine's Day.

The florist gifted her with a bouquet of hyacinths, teasing that William might get her roses instead.

Kate responded in jest, stating that she didn't believe he would.

Interestingly, the couple had to spend their first Valentine's Day apart due to William's deployment to the Falkland Islands.

Nonetheless, William made sure to treat Kate by sending her a heartfelt card, proving that distance cannot dampen their love.