King Charles is shaking up the monarchy by modernizing it with bold moves, including relaxed dress codes and slimming down the ranks.

Princess Kate's choice of a low-key headpiece for Charles' coronation is causing a stir, as traditional tiaras are no longer a must.

While the king and queen will wear ornate headpieces, the monarchy is moving away from tiaras being worn by every royal lady.

Royal fashion expert Miranda Holder warns Kate not to steal the spotlight from the king with her outfit.

Kensington Palace has gone silent about Kate's wardrobe, adding to the excitement and mystery.

There's now pressure on Kate to bring her signature glamor to the event, and it may shift the palace's fashion stance.

King Charles doesn't like being second, so this event must be all about him.

Will Kate dress subtly to avoid stealing the spotlight? The anticipation is thrilling!

Sources suggest that a decision has yet to be made, and we're all on the edge of our seats waiting for more!