Hold on to your hats, folks! The British monarchy is set to dazzle us once again with the coronation of King Charles next month.

But the real excitement lies in the news that Prince George, the eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, will play a major role in the ceremony!

Yes, you heard that right. George, who is just 9 years old, will be one of the king's four pages of honor.

And it seems his parents couldn't be happier! A spokesperson said they were "very excited and delighted" about the news.

But it wasn't an easy decision. The couple reportedly "thought long and hard about" George's role in the coronation.

In fact, there were even rumors that they were in disagreement with palace officials over the matter.

Nevertheless, the announcement from Buckingham Palace has sparked widespread speculation and anticipation for the event.

Just imagine, little George will be joining the procession through the nave of London's Westminster Abbey!

It's a truly historic moment for the young prince, whose grandparents, the Queen and Prince Philip, also had important roles in their own coronations.