The Marquess of Cholmondeley has been offered a new royal position in the royal court by King Charles.

David Rocksavage & Rose Hanbury will reclaim their positions as Lord Great Chamberlain after being deposed last year.

The Marquess is now the King's Lord-in-Waiting, representing the monarch at state and royal functions.

The Marquess, a filmmaker, and his wife live at Houghton Hall in Norfolk, two miles from Anmer Hall, where the Prince and Princess of Wales often vacation.

The Marquess and Marchioness are known to be friendly with the royals and often seen at royal events.

The Marchioness's grandmother, Lady Rose Lambert, was a bridesmaid at Queen Elizabeth's wedding in 1947.

David's new position will likely lead to increased interaction and involvement with the royal family.

The royal family has had close ties with aristocrats for a long time, and this appointment keeps up that tradition.

The Marquess will represent the monarchy in public events as the King's Lord-in-Waiting, demonstrating the royal family's relevance in modern society.