After Queen Elizabeth II's death, Camilla Parker acquired much of the royal jewelry, including Kate Middleton's tiaras and crowns.

Camilla's possession of the royal jewelry leaves Kate without a tiara for the upcoming coronation event.

Rumors suggest that the Queen is influencing the decision to limit Kate's jewelry selection.

There are reports of a rivalry between Camilla and Kate, leading Kate to attend the event with a low profile.

The Duchess of Wales wanted to wear Diana's favorite tiara for the occasion to honor her.

Camilla will aim to dazzle guests by donning the best jewelry available for the event.

The coronation of King Charles III in May will allow guests and members of the royal family to display their finest jewelry and outfits.

Camilla has royal jewelry because she is the future monarch of the United Kingdom.

Kate Middleton may not wear heritage tiaras. If so, the dress code may be different than expected.