Kate Middleton's attire for King Charles's Coronation is drawing attention.

The conversation around tiaras is ongoing, and one blogger suggests a formal dress code with hats instead.

Lauren Kiehna, The Court Jeweller expert, hopes to see Coronation tiaras, but Charles may opt for a "de-formalising" dress code without them.

Meanwhile, Queen Camilla is set to wear a repurposed crown, adding to the anticipation of the grand event.

Everyone is eager to see the royals in their finery on May 6th, 2023, and the fashion choices are sure to be a hot topic.

The ceremony marks a significant moment for the monarchy, and the outfit choices will undoubtedly reflect this.

Will Kate Middleton steal the show with a stunning ensemble? Only time will tell.

It remains to be seen whether the traditional tiaras will be replaced with hats, adding to the excitement and speculation.

The Coronation of King Charles is set to be a momentous event, with the royals making a statement with their fashion choices.