Kate Middleton's family firm, where she worked as a website designer and photographer, made her parents millionaires.

Shockingly, the collapse of the firm has left multiple suppliers and UK tax authorities owed a staggering £612,685.

Astonishingly, the company's debts amounted to nearly £2.6 million ($3.2 million) when it recently collapsed, according to insolvency specialists.

The pandemic-stricken company's collapse resulted in over £600,000 in unpaid tax, adding to the financial chaos left behind.

Carole and Michael Middleton, Kate's parents, built up Party Pieces, a mail order business specializing in celebration paraphernalia.

Remarkably, Party Pieces grew into a successful business, and the Middletons acquired a £4.7-million mansion near the royal family's Windsor estate in 2012.

At its peak, Party Pieces was valued at an astonishing £44 million, according to a report.

Earlier this year, unpaid suppliers threatened legal action, leading to the appointment of administrators who promptly sold the business to UK entrepreneur James Sinclair for an undisclosed amount.

Sadly, Party Pieces fell short by £2.59 million in clearing its debts, as stated in the administrators' report, attributing the collapse to the profound impact of the pandemic and restrictions on social gatherings.