Princess Kate and Meghan Markle have taken vastly different paths since joining the Royal Family.

Historian Tessa Dunlop believes their upbringings played a major role in this divergence.

Meghan's Hollywood background, and the cutthroat competition that comes with it, contrasts with Kate's more deferential upbringing.

Kate's self-possession and deference to the institution make her better-suited to life as a royal, according to Dunlop.

Meghan's values are completely inverted from Kate's, making it more difficult for her to fit into the royal family.

Dunlop suggests that Kate's decades-long training prepared her well for life in the royal family.

Despite hopes that Kate and Meghan would be friends, there have been well-documented disagreements between the two women.

These disagreements make it unlikely that Kate and Meghan are on speaking terms.

Kate and Meghan's upbringings highlight their struggles to adjust to royal life.