Kate Middleton met 109-year-old Nora and her grandkids Lynne and John at Oxford House Nursing Care in Slough.

During the visit, Kate asked Nora about her favorite food to which she replied kidneys and brussels sprouts.

Surprisingly, Kate responded, “I love kidneys too.”

Kate spent time learning about how the family-run business is caring for the elderly and talked about technology in the nursery home.

She also took part in a pancake-making activity but failed at flipping them, joking that her children would not eat them.

The nursing home looks after up to 34 residents and operates a domiciliary care organization.

Kate interacted with the residents and staff members.

The visit was part of Kate's ongoing work in supporting the elderly and their caregivers.

Kate continues to be relatable and down-to-earth, endearing herself to the public.