In The Episode, Adriana Is Angry At Alexia, Which Makes Alexia Unhappy.

Marysol Is Trying To Make Things More Fun, But Adriana Looks Upset And Larsa Is Making A Pose With Her Behind Sticking Out.

Lisa Tells Julia That Lenny Thinks Her Going Out Too Much Is A Problem For Them As A Couple.

Adriana And Marysol And Alexia Get Into A Fight, And Adriana Says Hurtful Things About Marysol's Ex-Boyfriend And Their Relationship.

Larsa Says That She Doesn't Feel Bad About Spreading The Rumor That Adriana And Julia Were Practicing Witchcraft.

Marysol Is Scared When Alexia Tells Her That Adriana Is Coming For Her.

The Women Enjoy A Lovely Dinner On The Beach, Where A Healer Helps Them Let Go Of Their Anger.

The Women Are Fighting, And Adriana Throws Water At Larsa While Kiki Hilariously Yells "Emergency!" And Guerdy Yells "Rage Retreat, Rage Retreat!"

The Healer Plans A Rage Release Ritual, And While Adriana Hobbles On The Beach With A Walking Stick, Lisa Screams, "F*Cck You, Lenny!"