Rebel's New App, Called Fluid, Is Going To Change The Way People Date.

Her Love For Ramona Was A Big Part Of Why She Made The App, Because It Was Based On Their Relationship.

Rebel Said That This App Is Not Just For One Group Because It Will "Cover A Lot Of The Lgbtqia+ Spectrum."

But Don't Worry If You're Straight; Rebel Said That Anyone Can Use The App And Have "An Amazing Time."

Fluid Shows How Rebel Is Still Trying To Figure Out Where She Fits In When It Comes To Her Sexuality.

The App Will Be Able To Be Downloaded Later This Month, So The Wait Is Almost Over.

Rebel Took Ramona's Birthday As A Chance To Tell Her How Much She Cares About Her And Give Her A Sweet Shout-Out.

One Photo That Rebel Posted With The Caption "You've Brought So Much Magic Into My Life" Showed How Much Love There Is Between The Two.

Rebel and Ramona Share More Than Romance. They Hugged at Rebel's Daughter's Baby Shower.