Princess Diana's butler, Paul Burrell, says Prince William & Kate Middleton are as in love behind closed doors as they appear in public.

Burrell rejected rumors about the couple and claimed he has never experienced William's "wild temper."

He praised the couple's positive image and described them as a strong couple.

Burrell thinks the new Prince and Princess of Wales are different from Charles and Diana, who had a rocky marriage.

However, he did admit that he thinks William has a bit of a "temper."

Burrell wants to believe that the couple's gestures of affection in public reflect their private love for each other.

He thinks Diana wouldn't have shown public affection unless her relationship was well.

Burrell's comments offer a positive portrayal of the royal couple and suggest that they are good for the royal family.

Overall, Burrell's insights suggest that William and Kate have a strong and loving relationship.