Provisions may be made for young royals, including Prince Louis, to attend King Charles's Coronation.

Prince William, Kate, and Princess Diana will attend the ceremony, but it's unclear if their children will join.

Prince Harry and Meghan have also been invited, but it's unknown if their children are on the guest list.

Dr. George Gross believes arrangements have been made in the past for those who can't sit through the long ceremony.

At King George V's Coronation in 1911, Winston Churchill's wife received special arrangements as she had given birth a month prior.

The Coronation ceremony is traditionally long, and it's unclear if provisions will be made for young royals.

The British Coronations Project, co-founded by Dr. Gross and Dr. Crankshaw, studies previous coronations.

The Coronation of King Charles is a historic Westminster Abbey ceremony that will take place on May 6.

Buckingham Palace aides are still considering whether young royals will attend King Charles's Coronation ceremony.