Olivia Culpo is one of the stars of "The Culpo Sisters," a reality show that originally aired on TLC.

The show documented Olivia's relationship with her sisters, Sophia and Aurora Culpo.

Olivia teased that there might be exciting news about season two but cannot reveal too much.

She mentions that there is a lot of drama currently that she wishes was on camera.

The show had some growing pains as Olivia was not used to being followed by a camera constantly.

Olivia hopes her boyfriend, Christian McCaffrey, will be able to participate more if there is a season two.

Olivia and her sisters are working on the launch of PJ Place's Spring Collection.

The Culpo family loves to wear matching pajamas, even Olivia's boyfriend.

Olivia jokes that her boyfriend does wear matching pajamas with her but doesn't always let her post pictures of it.