James Kennedy reveals the truth about his troubled past in the Season 10 premiere of Vanderpump Rules.

Lala Kent reveals that she and James hooked up while they were both in relationships with Randall Emmett and Raquel Leviss.

James reflects on the situation and sees it as a moment to see how far he has come.

Raquel has not yet learned about James and Lala's hookup on the show, but James says her reaction will be monumental.

Lala reveals she told Raquel about the hookup because she wanted to move forward in relationships with a clean slate.

Lala didn't expect Raquel's reaction, but she is glad it is all out now.

James confirmed he was having "fun" on the side during a good portion of his relationship with Raquel.

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Lala's revelation was made during a private conversation with James as Katie Maloney listened in.