Grant Harrold, the royal butler, revealed a shocking incident where Kate was ignored at Prince William's birthday party.

This is surprising considering that the couple has been inseparable since their first meeting at St Andrews University in 2001.

They dated for 10 years before tying the knot in 2011, and now have three adorable children.

Since Queen Elizabeth II's death, they're the Prince and Princess of Wales, which is even more intriguing.

They also inherited the Cornwall titles from Charles and Camilla, in addition to retaining their Cambridge titles.

As the future king, William is now first in line to the throne, with George taking second place.

The butler said the royal couple spends time together and has fun like any other couple.

The Cambridges, one of the most beloved royal families, fascinate many.

William and Kate's humility, relatability, and glamour make them more appealing.