Kate Middleton's style has changed to become more professional and fit for her job as Princess of Wales.

In addition to fulfilling her royal duties, Kate has also launched an initiative to support children's development.

She has developed a fondness for polka-dot tea dresses over more formal attire like trouser suits.

Kate's fashion choices also reflect diplomacy, often paying homage to national flags, flowers, or scenery.

Kate has made some strange fashion choices, like going to the BAFTAs in 2022 wearing black opera gloves.

As the future queen consort, people anticipate that Kate will dress even more conservatively when King Charles ascends to the throne in May.

The press closely scrutinizes Kate's clothing choices, trying to decipher their hidden meanings.

Kate wants the spotlight on her philanthropic work, not her clothes.

Kate's style balances heritage with new trends to produce a timeless look.