Kate Middleton joked about Prince William's lack of adventure while eating a local dish during their Caribbean royal visit last year.

The video of the exchange has gone viral on TikTok with over 150,000 views.

Some social media users have praised Kate's adventurous spirit and humor.

The couple's tour was met with criticisms, including protests, calls to address the royal family's links to slavery, and poorly staged PR moments.

Despite the negative aspects, William and Kate's public displays of affection won favorable coverage on social media.

After King Charles III's ascension, William spoke in support of the Commonwealth realms' future actions, including eliminating the monarchy.

Caribbean nations, notably Jamaica, have continued their discussions about becoming a republic.

As the new prince and princess of Wales, William and Kate are expected to increase their international presence.

Any further overseas visits are likely to be announced after King Charles' coronation in May.