Kate Middleton missed her first-ever St Patrick's Day parade to spend more quality time with her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Her absence defied royal tradition, and Kensington Palace had to issue a statement confirming her absence.

Kate declined the chance to attend to prioritize time with her children before an upcoming royal tour.

Royal tours can take members of the royal family away from their loved ones for months on end.

Kate has faced criticism for prioritizing her children over royal duty but remains fearless in prioritizing what matters most.

Kate has attended every St. Patrick's Day parade since then and has admitted to dealing with mom guilt.

Feeling torn over royal duty and motherhood is something Kate has confided in with the Queen.

Kate's parenting style strikes a balance between royal duty and her duties as a parent.

Kate's actions demonstrate her selfless devotion to her children and her commitment to being a hands-on mother.