Kate Middleton is revered for her flawless sense of fashion and style, which has earned her the title of a fashion icon.

Her collection of exquisite Jane Taylor headbands is worth an estimated £10,000, a testament to her expensive taste.

Miranda Holder, a style expert, predicts that Kate may retire from wearing headbands as queen consort, citing their inappropriateness.

Kate wore headbands to match her clothes at christenings, weddings, and religious services.

However, headbands are considered less formal than hats, which are more suitable for royal events.

Since becoming Princess of Wales, Kate has been moving away from headbands and has not been seen wearing them.

Kate's design choices have changed as she prepares for her role as queen consort.

Kate's exceptional style and taste allow her to reconcile fashion with future obligations.

When King Charles is crowned, Kate will have to switch up her accessories and wear a stylish hat instead of her usual headband.