Kate Middleton created a Business Taskforce for Early Childhood to help working parents.

Kate wrote an article for the Financial Times highlighting the effects of parent and caregiver well-being on early childhood.

The Princess of Wales wants companies to realize that helping working parents is "a down payment for our joint future."

The Princess hopes worldwide corporations that joined her task group would inspire firms nationwide to train and support staff's social and emotional well-being.

Kate's article for the FT states that parental well-being is the biggest single factor in determining a child’s well-being.

Kate left businesses with two tasks: prioritize working environments that encourage social and emotional well-being and focus on the youngest children's development.

Kate shared a new conversation with a supermarket CEO on the official social media account for the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Fans appreciated seeing Kate’s genuine passion for the topic of early childhood development.

Fans also appreciated Kate's practical vibe in a casual outfit for the video conversation with the CEO.