With King Charles' coronation just a month away, fans of the Royal Family are eagerly awaiting every detail of the historic event.

The latest surprise is that Kate Middleton may break with tradition and opt for a non-tiara look.

At past coronations, tiaras were a staple for nearly every royal woman and close relation of the Queen.

However, serious conversations are underway about dropping tiaras and stripping back the traditional excess.

Some experts suggest this may be part of a larger 'de-formalising' trend in the British royal world.

If the tiaras are dropped, we may still see stunning jewels like necklaces, brooches, and earrings.

Only King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla will wear crowns on the day of the ceremony.

This potential change in tradition has added even more excitement and anticipation for the event.

Fans of the Royal Family are eagerly awaiting the coronation, where they will finally see how this surprising twist unfolds.