Chaos has ensued in the British royal family since Queen Elizabeth II's death.

King Charles III's coronation is only two months away and family upsets are jeopardizing the ceremony.

Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife, has rebelled against the British monarchy.

Since 2019, Prince William's infidelity has strained Kate's relationship with the monarchy.

Kate and William's eldest son will play a crucial role in the coronation as he will be the future king of England.

Some say Kate is sabotaging Camilla Parker and King Charles III by questioning her son's involvement in the ceremony.

Confronting Kate publicly would only harm Camilla and King Charles III's image as Kate is well-loved by the public.

Kate has stated her son will only participate if his mental health is not at risk due to the magnitude of the event.

Kate may be retaliating against Camilla and Charles III for not limiting Prince William's infidelity.