Kate Middleton and Prince William are lending their support to a new gardening therapy project at a rehabilitation center.

To fund and build the gardens, they are collaborating with Annabelle Padwick and her Life at No.27 initiative.

The royal couple is curious about people's stories and experiences, and they want to make a difference in their lives.

For the couple, mental health and gardening/horticulture are important causes, and this project combines the two.

The project will provide an additional therapy option for clients at the South Wales centre and in the surrounding community.

The royal couple's involvement has inspired other organizations to pitch in.

The couple's visit demonstrated interest and support, making residents and their families feel important.

During their visit, Prince William and Kate also competed in a spin bike race and took selfies with well-wishers.

In addition, Prince William was named the new patron of the Wales Air Ambulance charity.