Princess Kate urges UK employers to support parents with work and home life balance.

The Princess launched the "Shaping Us" campaign to boost early childhood awareness.

Early childhood development, particularly social and emotional skills, underpins success in the workplace.

Parental wellbeing is crucial to children's wellbeing, with parenting under-fives found to be stressful for 75% of people.

Princess Kate supports workplaces that promote social and emotional well-being and child development.

A task force, which includes Unilever, Ikea, NatWest and Lego, has been established to achieve this goal.

The taskforce will prioritize early childhood development and work with businesses to have a far-reaching impact.

Kate has called for investment in early childhood development to transform lives for generations to come.

The Princess joined the taskforce to support her "life's work" of raising awareness for early childhood development.