Kate Middleton visited Leeds Kirkgate Market to promote her Shaping Us campaign, which focuses on early childhood.

At a flower stall, the florist predicted Prince William would buy her red roses for Valentine's Day, but Kate disagreed!

Kate interacted with sellers and shoppers and helped Leeds in becoming the best place for kids to grow up in the UK.

She created an Instagram account for her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, increasing her social media reach.

The "champions" of the campaign appeared in a video discussing relationships, mental health, and identity.

Kate emphasized the importance of early childhood in shaping who we become as adults.

Her visit was like a fascinating story and made people curious about her Valentine's Day plans.

Kate's rose disagreement startled everyone, leaving them guessing what her favorite Valentine's Day present is.

Overall, Kate's visit was a delightful surprise, and her campaign for early childhood was inspiring.