Gilded Youth, written by author Tom Quinn, contains exclusive testimony from numerous palace staff members and royal insiders.

Quinn's book aims to examine the traditional upbringing of the British royal family and how it has impacted them over the years.

According to Quinn's book, Kate refers to Prince William as "babe" and "baldy" while William calls her "Duchess of Doolittle."

"Duchess of Doolittle" was a "gentle dig" at the Princess of Wales when the late Queen Elizabeth II criticized her for not having a full-time career before marrying Prince William in 2011.

Kate is the calm one in their relationship, while William is a bit hotheaded, according to Quinn.

Kate's ability to be unfazed by critics is part of her success in integrating into the British royal family.

William and Kate insist on being involved in their children's lives, which sets them apart from previous generations.

William and Kate want to be seen as an ordinary couple with the same stresses of having children, work, and everything else that life brings.

They don't want to give the illusion they are "the perfect couple that everyone else should try and emulate."