Kate Middleton and Prince Harry were not as close as the media portrayed them to be, but they did have mutual respect for each other.

The image of the "Fab Four" was a narrative imposed on them by the public.

Kate mourned the loss of normality when Harry left the Royal Family to move to America.

The appearance of unity during the Windsor walk after the Queen's death was an illusion.

The joint walkabout was reportedly one of the hardest things Kate ever had to do due to ill-feeling between the couples.

Fears that Meghan's joining the Sandringham Summit via video link would not be secure were allegedly raised.

Charles and William reportedly decided they couldn't be alone with Harry after the Sussexes' Oprah Winfrey interview.

Harry's explosive memoirs, Spare, repeatedly took aim at the Royal Family and senior members.

Harry and Meghan have been invited to King Charles' Coronation but are negotiating their appearance, including a role for their children.