In 2023, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have a fourth child, shocking the royal world.

Sources have revealed that the couple has been considering the idea for some time.

While some experts have cautioned against it due to Kate's age, the couple is taking a relaxed approach.

The news was first reported by Marie Claire and has piqued the interest of royal fans everywhere.

As the couple is currently in their forties, the prospect of another baby has left many people surprised.

The gender of the child is unknown, adding to the excitement and intrigue surrounding the announcement.

Despite widespread speculation, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not yet confirmed the news.

The possibility of a new addition to the royal family has set tongues wagging and sparked endless debate among fans and experts alike.

With so much uncertainty and anticipation, the world waits with bated breath for more news about the future arrival of the fourth royal baby.