Prince William and Kate Middleton have funny nicknames for each other, with Kate even calling him 'baldy.'

The couple has been together for over 20 years, meeting as teens at the University of St. Andrews and getting married in 2011.

They have three children and will celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary on April 29, 2023.

William calls Kate "babykins," and she calls him "babe," according to a source close to the couple in Tom Quinn's book, Gilded Youth.

Queen Elizabeth II gave Kate the nickname "Duchess of Dolittle," which William sometimes uses as a tease.

Kate and William do have arguments, with the stress and scrutiny they face being a factor.

William can be hotheaded, while Kate remains calm and level-headed, according to Quinn.

The couple's playful banter speaks to their ability to not take themselves too seriously.

Despite the public scrutiny, Kate and William have maintained a strong relationship and sense of humor.