Which Massage Chair is Right for Me?

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We’ve all seen that row of “coin-operated” massage chairs at the mall. Some of us have seen the different types of super expensive massage chairs at the super expensive “geeky, techy” stores at the mall, too. And many of us have had the intense pleasure of experiencing the deliciousness of the massage chair while getting a pedicure at the nail salon. *sigh*

            Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own luxury massage chair? One you wouldn’t have to share with every other person in your community? Well, now you can. And one that won’t break the bank, either! Now at Planet Sauna, you can add to your own personal spa-like surroundings with a massage chair by Dynamic Massage Chairs!

            Planet Sauna now offers four different styles, each with different options! There’s the Berkley Edition Airbag Massage Chair, the Palo Alto Edition Roller Massage Chair With Heat Therapy, the Hampton Edition Zero Gravity Luxury Massage Chair, and the Santa Monica Edition Zero Gravity Massage Chair With Body Scanning.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m thinking the exact same thing. I want them all. BUT that may or may not be feasible for whatever reason: i.e. There isn’t enough room in our home for FOUR massage chairs… You really only NEED one massage chair… Your other half is threatening to shred all your credit cards if there’s one more HUGE purchase… the list goes on and on, folks.

So you must choose only one. You must choose wisely. But how on earth do you decide which massage chair is right for you? Luckily, I’m here to help. ((you’re welcome)) I’ve scoured the interwebs and have compiled a list of terms just for you. Terms that will help you to understand what all those features actually mean. Now all you have to do is decide which features you need the most.



ROLLING- As the name suggests, rolling massage techniques apply gentle pressure on targeted body parts using up/down rolling movements. In a massage chair, the technique works the back and areas near the spine. It is beneficial for individuals who want to improve circulation, relieve body tension, and relax their back.

TAPPING-In this massage chair technique, the rollers operate in fast, pulsating, tapping strokes. This massage technique is common in the massage chairs meant to work the lumbar and back region. It provides improved blood flow and circulation, lasting tension relief and promotes fast healing by strengthening and toning your muscles and breaking up scar tissue.

KNEADING-In kneading massage techniques, the massage rollers stretch and manipulate muscles to ease soreness and relieve tension. In most massage chairs, rollers knead in circular motions and cover very small body parts at a time. Kneading massage is applicable in any body part but most people apply it on the neck, back, and the shoulder regions. Kneading massage provides deeper relief in the harder to reach places. You can combine it with other forms of massage such as air, vibration and tapping massage for better results. It will stimulate your lymph and circulatory systems, eliminate toxins from your body muscles, help to eliminate pain and help to relieve tension and revitalize nerves.

SHIATSU-Among the most common massage chair techniques is the Shiatsu massage therapy, which involves acupressure and stretching of particular body parts. This technique uses patting, pressing, rotating, rolling and sweeping movements. Even more, the technique follows masseuse finger pressure application to clear blockages in areas where pain and aches are more common with an aim of providing relaxation and relief.

Shiatsu massage therapy can restore your body, improve circulation, boost lymphatic flow, and help alleviate depression, anxiety, stress, and muscle pain. Shiatsu automated programs in massage chairs can leave the body refreshed and invigorated.

AIR COMPRESSION- Manufacturers incorporate airbags into massage chairs to provide compression in various parts of the body. This technique involves squeezing and releasing movements which can help alleviate joint and tension pain. The technique is simple. To squeeze, the airbags inflate. Whenever they squeeze, they provide instant stress and pain relief. The deflating and inflating action is fast and individualized. As a result, they provide localized relief in every target area.

Air compression massage is recommendable for hands, shoulders, neck, hips, thighs, calves, feet and buttocks. It can offer excellent pain and tension relief can help improve circulation, can help eliminate stiffness and can help stimulate the lymphatic system.

STRETCH MASSAGE- Massage chairs deliver stretch massage with the help of air massage systems. Manufacturers incorporate airbags which stretch particular muscles. This technique stretches one muscle group or muscle at a time. Stretching loosens stiff and/or tight muscles can help provide relief and can help relieve muscle knots.

BODY SCANNING- Body scanning is another useful feature to have in a full body massage chair for a more personalized massage. The computer will scan your body and adjust the rollers to reach all areas of your body. For example, if a chair was designed for a person who is 5’6” tall, the location of the neck, shoulders, and lower back would be different than someone who is 5’0” or 6’0”. The body scanner feature means that you get a massage that targets your specific areas and gives you a more thorough, customized massage.

Now that you have some handy dandy terms, you can choose which features suit your needs the best. With that being said, here is a little safety info from our manufacturer:

**The recommended massage session is 15 minutes. Do not use the massage chair for longer than 15 minutes, and do not continue to massage a specific area for longer than 15 minutes. You must rest for at least 30 minutes before using the massage chair again. Usage greater than 15 minutes without a 30 minute rest period can result in over-stimulation of muscles and nerves. This product is not a medical device and is not intended to cure ailments. If you feel any discomfort at any time during use, discontinue use immediately. If you find any abnormal condition, stop using the massage chair immediately.**

Remember, we here at Planet Sauna wish you many happy Infrared Sauna sessions! And now we wish you many happy massage sessions, too!

And if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-470-0256. Or if you like, just drop us a line at support@planetsauna.com, or fill out the quick contact form located on our Contact Us page.

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