Sauna in the Summer?

          Summer isn’t officially here yet, but many Americans have already been experiencing 90 degree temperatures. There’s no doubt in my mind that this summer will be a hot one! There have been questions regarding Infrared Sauna use in the warmer months: “Is it safe? Are there additional benefits? Will I overheat? Should I wait until cooler weather arrives?”

            Allow me to settle your fears. Use of an Infrared Sauna during the summertime (from Planet Sauna, of course) is not only safe, but there are benefits. The benefits of using an Infrared Sauna don’t stop when summer arrives. They can still help you lose weight, burn calories, improve your heart and respiratory system, and relax your muscles. The mental health benefits of sauna use, including stress relief and a sense of wellbeing will also continue throughout the summer months. Many people who stop using their saunas in warmer months or don’t use them consistently report feeling less well than when they use them more frequently.

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            Summer use can help you acclimate to the heat. Summer’s heat waves can be uncomfortable, but using a sauna can make the summer heat more manageable by helping you acclimate to it. In fact, sports teams have even been known to train in saunas to prepare to compete in hotter climates. In the Roman baths, hot rooms were used to help athletes detoxify and recover after exercise even in the hottest weather. So if you’re a runner, cyclist, or other outdoor athlete, using a sauna can make hot workouts feel more normal.

            If you have a swimming pool, no matter what the weather is like it can feel great to get out of the cool water and then warm up in the sauna, especially in the evenings. You can also work up a sweat in your sauna and then rejuvenate with a cool water dip.

Planet Sauna Summer Pool Fun

Here are a few tips for summertime use of your Infrared Sauna from Planet Sauna:

  • The most important thing you need to remember is to stay hydrated. When the weather is heating up, this is even more important, because you’re likely to sweat more than usual. Although each person’s hydration levels differ, try to aim for a minimum of 48 oz. of water. You might even want to drink coconut water, or add citrus and a pinch of salt and honey, to replace the electrolytes lost through sweating.
  • Rinse off before and after your Infrared Sauna session. If you’re wearing sun lotion, make sure it’s completely washed from your skin to prevent it from melting and dripping onto your sauna floor. Covering your skin with lotions and oils also prevents toxins from getting pushed out your pores when blood flushes to the surface of your skin. Immersing yourself in cold water afterwards is the best way to close your pores and pull blood back to your core organs.
  • Limit your sessions to 15-20 minutes. Use a timer and take time to cool off when needed, then re-enter if you want more sauna time. It’s important to wait until your body stops sweating before you go back in. If you begin to feel faint, nauseous, or dizzy - leave the sauna immediately. An increased heart rate of up to 30% is considered normal, but if it speeds up significantly, this is a sign you need to exit the sauna straight away. Your session should only last as long as it feels good.
  • Follow your sauna session with relaxing for a few minutes in your own Dynamic Massage Chair from Planet Sauna to complete your summertime at home spa experience.

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So no matter how hot it gets this summer, don’t let the heat dissuade you from taking a nice relaxing lounge in your Infrared Sauna from Planet Sauna. The sauna in summer experience will leave you feeling relaxed and balanced, and will actually make the heat of the summer easier for your body to handle. Remember, we here at Planet Sauna wish you many happy Infrared Sauna sessions! And now we wish you many happy massage sessions, too!


And if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-470-0256. Or if you like, just drop us a line at, or fill out the quick contact form located on our Contact Us page.

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  • Interesting post. I’m a sauna fan. It has practically changed my life. I encourage people to go to saunas regularly.

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