Infrared Carbon Fiber VS Ceramic Heaters

Winter hasn’t officially begun. I say “officially” because we are only in November, and the first day of winter is December 21st. However, much of the United States has experienced winter weather fit for Jack Frost himself. Even Houston, TX had snow this week!

            Now that the temperature is dipping lower and lower, many Americans are looking for different ways to warm up. Enter Infrared Saunas. Along with the numerous health benefits an Infrared Sauna has to offer, one obvious bonus is the warming of your cold bones. And with the shorter winter days, Infrared heat therapy is a great alternative to getting the proper levels of Vitamin D to beat those winter blues!

            There are several differences between traditional ceramic heaters and carbon fiber heaters. Ceramic heaters have been around for many years compared to carbon fiber heaters. Carbon fiber heating technology is more recent and therefore, more advanced. Carbon heaters operate at lower temperatures due to the heating wavelength of infrared technology. Traditional ceramic heaters heat up over 150 degrees to heat the entire sauna. Sweating occurs at around 115 degrees, so it is not recommended to sit inside a traditional ceramic sauna for very long. With the use of Carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters, the risks are reduced. Lower temperatures and longer wavelength infrared rays allow bathers to tolerate longer therapy sessions. Carbon fiber heaters have a more even distribution of heat. Bonus: the infrared heat from carbon fiber heaters penetrates deeper into the skin tissue which allows the body to absorb more energy, and you experience a more intense sweat!

            The surface area of ceramic heaters tends to be smaller. This can intensify the heat in that particular area and can make it difficult for an individual to lean against, as opposed to carbon fiber heaters, which have a lower surface temperature.

Saunas with ceramic heaters heat up quickly allowing you to enjoy the sauna at your desired temperature typically within 8-10 minutes. Carbon fiber heaters are thin and have a large surface area which heats at a lower temperature. They heat disperses more evenly over larger surface areas making them more suitable for full body therapy. Carbon fiber heaters are also more energy efficient than ceramic heaters.

            One major drawback to ceramic heaters is that they tend to be more fragile. With repeated use, ceramic materials may crack, crumble away, and eventually shatter. Carbon fiber heaters tend to be more durable than ceramic heaters and will often last longer, although both heat types should provide you with years of service.



           So all in all, both types of heaters have pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide which options will suit your needs. You decide, Planet Sauna delivers. We offer Infrared Saunas of varying sizes and options with either Ceramic or Carbon Fiber heating elements.

            Still can’t decide which is better for you? No sweat… (see what I did there?)… Planet Sauna can also assist you with that. The answer is simple: our line of Infrared Saunas with Dual Heat Technology. You get the best of both worlds. High-end Ceramic heaters combined with Carbon Fiber heaters is a technique used to provide all the health benefits and muscle relaxation expected of the best Infrared Saunas. We have a choice of either 2 Person (Carpo, Leda) or 3 Person (Atlas, Elara) Dual Technology Infrared Saunas to choose from. We also offer Near Zero EMF Carbon Heater Infrared Saunas

Remember, we here at Planet Sauna wish you many happy Sauna sessions! 

And if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-470-0256. Or if you like, just drop us a line at, or fill out the quick contact form located on our Contact Us page.

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