How To Get The Most Out Of Your Infrared Sauna

Now that you have your very own Infrared Sauna (or perhaps still pondering which one you want), I’m sure you are ready to get in there and start sweating! You are ready to take the stress of the day away… ready to relax… ready to detox… ready to ease your achy muscles. We’ve compiled a short list for you to ensure you get the most out of your Infrared Sauna.

  • HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE- If you do not heed any other advice, heed this one. Most of us do not drink enough water, to begin with. The main purpose of an Infrared Sauna is to sweat. It’s easy math. The more water you put into your body, the more sweat exits your body.  A good rule of thumb is to divide your body weight by two and drink a minimum of that many ounces of water on a daily basis (150 lbs. divided by 2 = 75 ounces of water or almost 10 8oz glasses of water, daily). **Alcohol use is not recommended while using your Infrared Sauna.
  • START SLOWLY- Beginners should start with 10-15 minute sessions.  Slowly build up to 25-30 minutes.  For the first week or two, schedule your Infrared Sauna sessions every other day. Do not exceed 60 minutes in the sauna per session. Be sure to listen to your body.  If you begin to feel dizzy or weak, tired or too hot, open the door or simply step out.  Try to not overdo any session, especially in the beginning.
  • SAUNA APPAREL- Lightweight shorts and t-shirt are ok. Swimsuits are better. Your “Birthday Suit” is ideal. More skin exposure is preferable because the Infrared light is hindered by clothing. If you have an area that is injured or needs special attention, it needs to have direct contact with the Infrared light waves.
  • NO BODY OILS OR LOTIONS- Do not apply body oils or lotions before or during your Infrared Sauna session, as this will inhibit sweating and clog up pores.  Also note: Even your facial cream is wasted if used before or during your sauna.  As you drip sweat, your lotion will run, and it can get in your eyes.  It is much better to wait until after you have cooled down and showered before applying your favorite body lotion.
  • TOWELS, TOWELS, TOWELS- I cannot stress this enough. Layer several towels wherever you sit or lie down. You will want one towel to help wipe off and absorb perspiration as it accumulates on your body so that you sweat more.  You will also want one towel placed under your feet to catch any perspiration that might otherwise fall to the sauna floor.
  • COOL DOWN AND RELAX AFTER YOUR SESSION- Once you have finished your Infrared Sauna session, it is important to relax and cool down while your body continues to perspire.  Find a nice spot and sit quietly or recline with a towel or robe around you for about 10 minutes, or until you have ceased perspiring. Once you have cooled down, take a warm shower. Take a minute to exfoliate your skin and remove sweat residue, old skin cells and any toxins that have risen to the surface of your skin.  Once you are nice and clean, lower the water temperature to help cool down your body completely and close the skin pores. 

We here at Planet Sauna wish you many happy Infrared Sauna Sessions!

And if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-470-0256. Or if you like, just drop us a line at, or fill out the quick contact form located on our Contact Us page.

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