Benefits of a Massage Chair

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The American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians recommend massage as a way to help alleviate chronic pain. A professional masseuse or (massage therapist) will use specific techniques to help alleviate the discomfort of strained, sore muscles. Massage chairs perform many of the basic strokes that a professional therapist will employ.

                In addition to relieving sore muscles, a massage chair has the ability to provide many other health benefits that you may not have thought of. Let’s take a look, shall we?


  • REDUCE DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY, TENSION, AND STRESS- Massage therapy reduces stress significantly on physical and psychological levels. Measures of oxygen consumption, blood pressure, and cortisol levels can be lowered after a ten to fifteen-minute chair massage. A massage can increase the level of the feel-good hormone serotonin in the brain, which helps address depression and anxiety issues.
  • IMPROVE CIRCULATION- Increased circulation promotes healing. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to cells and organs and removes toxins. Increased circulation from the massage movements of your massage chair can help carry oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to your organs and extremities, improving vitality and energy.
  • ALIGN THE SPINE AND REDUCE PRESSURE ON NERVES- Reclining and zero gravity chairs can reduce pressure on your spine by supporting your back in a horizontal position. Major nerves run through the vertebrae to peripheral areas of your body including your hands, feet, fingers, and toes. The tension in your spine or misaligned vertebrae can compress nerves. As muscles that support the vertebrae relax, your spine lengthens and vertebrae resume their natural alignment. When pinched nerves are freed from pressure, nerve impulses travel easily through the spinal column to the extremities.
  • IMPROVE IMMUNE SYSTEM- The lymphatic system is stimulated by massage, increasing your white blood cell counts and removing waste and toxins that have built up. According to experts, just one massage is enough to produce and measure significant changes to your body’s endocrine and immune response.
  • INJURY RECOVERY AND REHABILITATION- A massage from a massage chair can be an effective supplement to a rehabilitation program, as it encourages more blood to flow to injured areas, which will, in turn, bring additional oxygen and nutrients to the affected tissues and muscles, promoting healing.
  • IMPROVE EXERCISE PERFORMANCE- Top trainers and athletes understand that massage plays a key part in helping them remain in peak condition. Not only does a massage decrease muscle stiffness after exercise, but it can also help prevent injury, reduce swelling, and enhance performance. This can also be provided by use of a massage chair.
  • STIMULATE ENDORPHINS- Endorphins are your neurotransmitters that help to reduce the perception of pain and lessen the effects of stress. Endorphins create a feeling of well-being and enhance the immune response. Studies have shown that a massage from both professional therapists and massage chairs trigger secretion of endorphins.

Now you know that a massage from one of Planet Sauna’s Luxury Massage Chairs not only feels good to your body, but it also feels good to your brain. Remember, we here at Planet Sauna wish you many happy Infrared Sauna sessions! And now we wish you many happy massage sessions, too!

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